-How shipping works?

When you confirm an order you will receive an mail confirmation, after that our lovely team will prepare your oder (it could take 2 working days) once it fulfilment, you will receive an other mail with the tracking number.

-Do you have Customer Service?

Of course, 24/7.

-How do I track my order?

This is the easy part, once you receive the email post fullfilment with the tracking number, you have to put the ID tracking in in this link: , and that's all.

-Do you have international shipping?

Yes, we have worldwide shipping.

-Do you have fast delivery?

Yes!, 7-10 (working days). We are also working in order to offer a faster shipping.

-Do you have FREE shipping?


-Do I have to pay any taxes or duty?

This will depend from where you have made your purchase. Some country have no taxes for orders over certain amounts.

In case of  yes, "You the customer" are responsable for any taxes or duty so you may need to pay them before you can receive the order (this depends of each country)

In case of yes, our store will show you the taxes to be paid at the checkout.

-Do you have Return Policy?

Yes of sure!, you can check it here for more information. 

-Can i cancel my subscriptions at any time?

-Yes you can.

-1 Year Ultra Sonic Z1 Warranty

Our company promise, this product has passed our strict quality test, for any product problem, return and replace within 7 days, replace within 15 days and one year warranty. If you don´t use this product as manual or take aparte the brush without authorization by our company, it is not contained in the above warranty policy.